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Have you ever heard the expression lazy days of summer? While the hot weather may encourage a slower paced life, in many ways summer can be the busiest time of the year. Especially for parents with school-aged children. And being busy, its easy to forget about such things as reviewing your life insurance coverage.

The purpose of this message is to encourage you to meet with me as soon as you can. Whether or not you have life insurance with the Order, I'll be happy to meet with you and make sure your coverage continues to meet your needs and goals. If youve had any life changes since you last bought a policy (new home, new child, new job, etc.), chances are your life insurance needs to be updated. Ill work with you to make sure you have the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

Call me to set up an appointment. When we meet, you'll discover that time spent with your Knights of Columbus agent is time well-spent. But, make the call today. Because summer is not only busy, its also coming to an end.

  --- Chris Mahoney, Council 10504 Agent

        CellPhone:      919 500 307

           Office Phone:          919 845-5595

      Email Chris at: <>


All our regular meetings for the Fraternal Year are held on 

the First Thursday of each month in the Our Lady of 

Mercy School Library / Media Center at 7:00 PM...all those 

who have attained membership in the First Section are 

invited to attend.

Knights of Columbus*
Our Lady of Mercy Council #10504*Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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